About Us


Medicians is a company, enroute to become pioneer in the field of software and technology solutions for all layers of Pharmaceutical Businesses. It all started in the summer of 2015 with an aged goal of making the business of Pharmacy and Medicine more transparent and reliable. Healthcare/Pharmacy is a field that do not welcome change very easily. Our technology solutions is set out to change the way pharmacies do business and the way consumers avail their services. Medicians is the ONLY company that works exclusively with pharmacies for developing software solutions for them that are cloud based and reliable. The company is run by young talented minds who are on a mission to radicalize and make this industry totally transparent. The team at Medicians works more than they comfortably can to provide best possible service to our clients.


At medicians, theres always a mission that we chase and once we successfully complete that chase, there's a new mission and a new chase ready for everyone. This always keeps us with something to keep on chasing and not be satisfied or content with what we have achieved. The ultimate mission for us will be to create the most valuable and powerful data repository that leverages the widest human network associated to a particular field of business. The mission that we chase is to touch and impact every human life in a positive way and create a global brand presence. The journey so far has been incredibly inspiring and the one that motivates us to work more and more to move closer to our mission- After our inception in 2015, We launched the medicians app in the beginning of 2016 which worked as a hyperlocal delivery platform for medicines. Then in final quarter of 2016 we launched the medicians cloud platform that would digitise the prescriptions and maintain all health related records. Then, after the demonetisation and GST proposition, in light of a better business opportunity the company decided to pivot its action plan and reprioritised the work flow but we kept the same set of values and vision/mission of the company. There are many more innovative products and platforms in the pipeline that will be added to this timeline soon.


The vision for the company is to create such a network and brand that touches every single soul on this planet. There will no longer be any malpractices related to pharmaceutical products. Things will become cheaper and srrvices more reliable. In tough times, the healthcare ecosystem will cause relief and solace to troubled people and will not cause further exploitation or any kind of botheration. The whole flow of the system will become smooth and effortless. Business will more profitable than ever while commodities and life saving drugs and products will become affordable as the market grows to become more competetive and transparent.


Happy Customers till now and the number is growing rapidly.


Talented developers and designers are working deligently, to give our clients the best experience.


of Rupees have been saved by our esteemed customers.