Why Medicians?

Look what we have to offer
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Why Us?

Look what we have to offer

World of Pharmacy

Chose from a wide catalogue of products across
all departments at your disposal.

Reference Tool

Refer the app for more information about
the salts and medicines to find substitutes.

90 minutes,round the clock delivery

Day or night ,you think of us we'll come to you.
Fastest Delivery in town.

Digitize your prescription

Do away with messy scribbling of your doctor.
We'll sort things up for you.

No other app has this

Cash on Delivery

Don't be worried about receiving the wrong products or any issue. Check the contents of your order thoroughly and only then chose to pay for the delivery in cash.

Express Order

We understand that you might not have enough time or don't wish to browse through the categories to build an order. Simply go for an Express Order.

Digital Prescription

We all have accepted that only a chemist can fully understand what the doctor has written. Change that now, upload your prescription and we'll digitize it for you.

User Friendly

We offer a rather simple and user friendly experience when it comes to placing an order just refering the app for some information that you might need.

how we made it

How We Build this Awesome service

Blood and sweat. A lot of it.

It is not an easy path we have decided to tread on. It takes a great deal of hardwork and countless man-hours to create a seamless user experience. We starve to create value for our customers by saving them their money and more importantly, time.

We have a long way to go and certainly, going step by step we are bound to reach our destination where we see our country with a transparent healthcare infrastructure. We will not stop, until we get there!

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Optimization. Performance. Popularity.

We love our audience and they have been kind enough to express their loyalty by providing us with the necessary feedback we need to vet ourselves and build a standard to judge against. Here's an overview of our performace so far.

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What Else we do?

Medicians for Business

Medicians Pharmbooks

Medicians Pharmbooks is a neXt generation Point Of Sale software for pharmacists and druggist across various domains and sizes. It provides an extended and comprehensive support along with the analytics that provide hands on vital insights and information about the business.

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